Our CARBON OFFSETTING, EMISSION ELIMINATION and REFORESTATION services are aimed at anyone who is concerned about climate change and wants to do something about it. We encourage you to become aware of your own climate impact and to act accordingly. We offer services for cost-efficient emission reduction and we provide a fast and a simple route to eliminating or reducing your impact on CO2 emissions.



We are committed to delivering only the highest quality in environmental products to our customers. We strive to reduce the greatest amount of carbon emissions we can.



We did our first reforestation project in 2006 and have continued that work ever since. In addition to reforestation, we have in total over 30 years of experience in a broad spectrum of industries covering quality, R&D, and energy efficiency projects.

During our time in different projects in industry and reforestation, we realized that the most effective way to reduce CO2 emissions, is to invest in renewable energy projects or to buy allowances of EU emission trading system and eliminate them.

Funding renewable energy projects or participation in the emission trading system may be difficult for a regular consumer, so we decided to start offering our CARBON OFFSETTING and EMISSION ELIMINATION services for consumers and businesses.

 Climate change is one of the biggest crisis facing humanity. 

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