How do I know what my carbon emissions are?

You can use our calculators to get rough estimate of your carbon emissions.


Will the carbon offsetting, reforestation or emission elimination I buy, improve the environment in my area?

There’s only one atmosphere. Unlike smog or acid rain, climate change is not limited to any specific region. Carbon offsetting, reforestation, and emission elimination offer a global solution to climate change.


How long will it take before I receive my certificate?

You should receive your certificate within one day after cleared payment of your purchase. If you haven’t received your certificate by then, please contact us. Please include the name on the certificate and the time of making the purchase.


Which method is better, emission elimination or reforestation?

You cannot directly say which one is the better way. Here are some facts to support making a decision: 

Eliminating carbon emissions is a quick means of reducing emissions. Once emission allowances are eliminated, they will never be renewed. It forces companies to find ways to reduce their emissions. Elimination is also a cost-efficient way to reduce emissions; one ton of CO2 elimination equals about 21 planted trees.

Reforestation also reduces carbon emissions, but in addition to that it also has several other positive environmental effects, such as:

Absorbing carbon dioxide to reduce climate change, Improving air quality, Preserving biodiversity, Controlling flooding by minimizing runoff & topsoil loss, Providing habitat and nutrition for wildlife, Creating jobs in managing tree nurseries, planting & care.


Why would anyone want to decrease their own emissions?

According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, carbon dioxide levels jumped by three parts per million in both 2015 and 2016, and now rest at about 405 parts per million. The increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide has a number of serious consequences. Increasing oceans acidification – damaging coral reefs and marine life. Areas that were once white with snow are now retreating to only the highest points of the world. Incidents of extreme weather are increasing, from flooding to tropical storms. 


Does elimination of emissions really matter?

Cancellation of allowances for emissions trading is a very powerful and cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. Every eliminated CO2 allowance ton reduces one ton of CO2 emissions.


Where does my money go when I buy emission elimination service?

We buy emission allowances from the EU emissions trading system and then eliminate them permanently. It forces companies within EU ETS system and airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions by limiting production or investing in clean energy. This will have a global effect, not just in Europe. Purchasing and elimination are controlled and registered by EU emission registry.

We buy emission allowances from the market in bigger batches. We provide a total service where the consumer pays the VAT, and account processing and trading fees are also included in the total cost.


Where does my money go when I buy reforestation service?

We buy tree seedlings which are suitable for the local conditions. In addition, reforestation requires quite a lot of work, such as: soil preparation, planting the forest, and after-care of the seedlings to which we commit ourselves for three years.



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