There are many ways to reduce your carbon emissions. In addition to carbon offsetting and emission elimination, we have chosen reforestation.

Climate change warms the Arctic region faster than any other area on Earth. A significant portion of the Arctic ice has already disappeared. The fate of the Arctic region affects the whole planet's future. Melting glaciers in the north raise the sea level on the other side of the globe. In addition, warming acidifies the sea and changes the air and sea currents.

The effect of thawing permafrost on the carbon cycle is another crucial aspect for how climate evolves worldwide. Permafrost in the Arctic will thaw as a consequence of increasing temperatures in the soil, oceans, rivers and lakes that overlie the frozen ground. Carbon stored in the permafrost can then be released in the form of CO2 and methane, thus increasing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and hastening global warming.

Climate change in the Arctic is not just a local problem - it's a global problem.


Our REFORESTATION services are located in Finland, Northern Europe, near the Arctic Circle.


Finland's location is central to combating Arctic climate change. Finland is near the northern tree line, where trees are no longer capable of growing. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions in the Finnish border area near Russia have continued to grow.

The problem is that large industrial investments in the forest industry have also been made in Finland, as a result of which the use of forests has exploded rapidly. It is of paramount importance that the forests still in Finland are protected and new trees are planted in place of the felled forest.



        Finnish Forest Ministry              Finnish Forest Centre



 LUKE Natural Recources Institute     The Finnish 4H Organization     



                      Local scools 



              Local forest owners



Reforestation is the restoration of forest on lands that have been used for a variety of non-forest purposes for decades (farming, mining, etc.) or re-planting burned forests and similar locations.

We offer REFORESTATION services in cooperation with selected partners in Finland. We have carefully selected the locations so that their climate-improving effect would be maximized.



In urban “heat islands,” vast stretches of asphalt magnify and reflect the sunlight, sending CO2 directly skyward and creating “dead zones” below. A tree forms an oasis of shade, provides wildlife habitat, and improves air quality. Adding trees alongside streets can actually lower summer temperatures through evaporative cooling.


While sustainable logging may be necessary to support man-made systems, large-scale clear cuts represent an environmental disaster. The forest floor sequesters enormous amounts of carbon, accumulated over centuries by natural decay. Soil disruption and erosion caused by poor logging practices cause tremendous carbon release. Prompt replanting can help alleviate this.


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Transparent
  3. Easy to use
  4. Controlled by local authorities.
  5. Wide range of positive environmental effects.
    • Absorbs carbon dioxide to reduce climate change
    • Improves air quality
    • Preserves biodiversity
    • Controls flooding by minimizing runoff & topsoil loss
    • Provides habitat and nutrition for wildlife
    • Creates jobs related to managing tree nurseries, planting & care

How does it work?

  1. We have carefully selected a suitable area for reforestation to achieve the best results of climate amelioration.
  2. You want to offset your carbon footprint and therefore purchase our REFORESTATION service package.
  3. You’ll receive a certificate by email, acknowledging and quantifying your purchase.
  4. We combine orders and arrange with our selected partners that the purchased quantity will be planted.
  5. Planted trees start to purify carbon dioxide in the air and to produce oxygen.

Forests are often called “the lungs of the planet”. Reforestation is effective way to fight global climate change.

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